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Palm Springs Landscape Design

We know Palm Springs and we know the landscaping challenges here.

With a firm commitment to maintaining industry standards, Landscape Design Palm Springs Co prioritizes the delivery of top-notch materials and craftsmanship. Unlike ordinary landscape design service providers in Palm Springs, we employ a team of highly skilled specialists that undergo consistent education. Designing the perfect landscape involves many factors, including your goals, topography, city regulations, and local climate. While opting for an outdoor space that you will love is a fantastic decision, achieving it is never a straightforward task. For over two decades, our team has been dedicated to landscaping Palm Springs, which is why it's essential to hire experienced professionals like us for impeccable results. We approach our craft with utmost seriousness and ensure thorough consultation from beginning to end. Whether you desire a small addition like a fire pit or a complete landscape makeover, we possess the expertise and equipment to handle any project. To transform your yard, you can start with a consultation with our team. Contact us today to take the first step towards your dream outdoor space.

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Our climate here puts limitations on what is possible in terms of landscaping. We will help you work around them.

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Take advantage of the versatility of pergolas

Outdoor kitchen with pool and pavers

Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the party to your backyard and impress your guests with a perfectly designed outdoor kitchen area.

Patio with blue couch next to fire place


Every beautiful yard needs a patio to bring the surroundings together. See how you can do the same with our designs.

Get $300 Off

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Valid for projects above $3,000

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What our customers say

Experienced and Charismatic! If you are looking for a landscape designer, I highly recommend Walee! He finalized the design to fit our requests. Then he helped us find the best contractor for the job. Project is still under construction, but so far, I am very impressed.

Brian T.

Palm Springs, CA

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Walee was super helpful for my landscaping needs. I had 2 short-term rentals that I wanted to improve, and Josh helped me redo the front and backyard. The finished lawn looks amazing. Highly recommend him and his team!

Richard Rodriguez

Cathedral City, CA

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The best landscape design company in Palm Springs hands down. I reached out to multiple companies, and they were the only ones that took time to listen to my concerns and answered all my dumb questions. Super stress–free experience and would definitely use them again.

Hector Lopez

Palm Springs, CA

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We love transforming outdoor spaces

Backyard with flower beds with walkways and patio
Stone paved stairs and bench with fire pit
Stone pavers with retaining walls and fire pit
Stone pavers in grass with retaining wall gardens
Modern, black pergola with a see through enclosure
Black pergola with pavers and outdoor kitchen
Enclosed pergola, small backyard with wooden patio and bench
Outdoor grill next to bedroom with sliding door open
Enclosed wooden patio with outdoor furniture

What to evaluate for landscape design and builds

Drought-resistant plants

Palm Springs has a dry desert climate. Summers are scorching hot and summers are cold. Rainfall does not come with abundance in this region. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to opt for native plants that can endure dry seasons. We have seen homeowners spend hundreds on plants that ultimately perished and left their landscape ugly and barren. Our pros will help you select plants that need minimal water, which will also minimize maintenance.


    Because of the lack of water in Palms Springs, it is ever more important to build irrigation systems that work well in this climate. Here are some factors to consider:

    • Water efficiency: This should be your utmost priority not only to satisfy water usage laws, but to preserve precious resources. We often utilize technologies such as drip irrigation, micro-sprinklers, and subsurface irrigation. These techniques help water get delivered directly to the plant roots and reduce evaporation.
    • Smart controllers: Nowadays, we have watering systems that are equipped with a controller that can set schedules that adjust with the weather. So whether it rains, humidity rises, or temperatures change, these systems will be able to change the watering times.
    • Rainwater harvesting: We have installed rainwater harvesting systems to supplement existing irrigation systems. Rain barrels and underground tanks can collect rainwater from hard surfaces. Later, this stored water can be used for plants during drier periods.

    Shade Structures

    Shade is essentially for the outdoors here. The heat from the sun is intense and often dangerous. Pergolas, ramadas, shade sails, and gazebos are some structures you should consider to provide shade. Not only will they provide a comfortable space, but they will also enhance your landscape. The great thing about these types of structures is that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Consult with our team to get help selecting the right one.

      Local regulations

      The unique climate in Palm Springs presents many challenges. One of them is the city authorities. Here are some common laws and regulations to consider for landscaping Palms Springs:

      • Water conservation: As with most desert cities, water is a scarce resource. As a result, there are restrictions in place to limit water usage. Palm Springs is no exception. Pay careful attention to the water needs of your landscaping project.
      • Tree removal: Palm Springs places high importance on preserving existing tree canopy and expanding them. Because of this, you may run into issues if you try to remove a tree. It is important to do thorough research on this and pull any permits that are required.
      • Homeowners Associations (HOA): HOAs are common in Palm Springs. If you own a property that exists in one, you have another layer of guidelines and restrictions that may impact your landscaping needs. HOAs often have their rules on plans, hardscaping features, fences, and other exterior enhancement.


      We take our customer satisfaction seriously. We strive for consistent referrals from you, and that only happens when you are blown away by our high quality service and product.

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      We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. And that starts and ends with top-notch service to you.


      We take pride in the impeccable work we bring to every project. We pay close attention to every detail to craft the best outdoor space for you.

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      We simply have the best team from our designers to project managers and builders. When you use us, you can be assured of a smooth, stress-free process.

      The leading landscape designer in Palm Springs, CA

      Experts of Palms Springs

      Landscape Design Palm Springs Co has deep roots in the Palm Springs community. We have helped thousands of homeowners in the region transform their outdoors. With our experience, we know all the nuances and challenges that come with our city and climate. The terrain, weather, culture, and city all have an impact on how you should upgrade your outdoors. Our deep connection to this region helps us seamlessly blend your outdoors with its natural surroundings while achieving high functionality. Whether you are a resident, investor, or own a vacation home here, you can trust that we are absolute experts specific to landscape design in Palms Springs, CA.

        Non-cookie cutter, customized solutions

        We worked with enough customers to know that everyone has their own preferences. We also understand that many landscape designers provide cookie-cutter approaches to maximize their efficiency and ultimately profits. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our designers work very closely with you to understand your unique needs and style. Our team places great importance on the planning stage to craft bespoke designs that are tailored to your property as well as your desires. Our expertise comes in when we bridge what is possible and what you want. Our commitment to providing the best design will turn your landscape to one that is a true reflection of your personality.

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          Pergola Palm Springs

          Pergolas are a popular structure to enhance outdoor spaces. Firstly, they are elegant features that boost the visual appeal of the surroundings. When designed correctly, they can blend in perfectly with the rest of the property. In addition, they are extremely useful for providing a shaded area. The hot climate in Palm Springs makes pergolas ideal to create a cozy, secluded, designated spot for people to gather and socialize. They can even be enhanced further by adding curtains, plants, and drapes. Its versatility is why many homeowners opt to include them as part of their landscape design project. Be sure to get in contact with our team to learn more about our pergola design and building services

            White, simple pergola over outdoor kitchen and dining table
            Mobile grill in renovated landscape

            Outdoor Kitchens

            We specialize in designing and building outdoor kitchens for residential properties. It is a very practical addition to your backyard and can serve many purposes. First off, the warm climate in Palm Springs offers favorable conditions for an outdoor living experience. By having an outdoor kitchen, you can move your cooking, dining, and entertainment in a central area that your friends and family can enjoy. This enhancement will essentially add another usable space on your property. Outdoor kitchens open up the possibility for built-in grills, pizza ovens, sinks, bars, and much more. Because of all the ancillary additions that you can bring to reality with outdoor kitchens, it is one of the best investments you can make as part of your landscape renewal.

              Palm Springs Patio

              For any landscaping upgrades for your backyard, a patio is almost always a must-have feature. There are many structures and features you can integrate to take full advantage of outdoor living here. But the patio serves as the foundation for many of those additions including kitchens, tables, shading structures, couches, and much more. For most of our previous work, patios have proven to be an essential glue that brings together all the surrounding landscape and hardscape features.

              Putting aside the practical benefits, there are also numerous aesthetical benefits. When designed correctly, they blend in perfectly with the architecture of your home and the natural environment. With our patio design and installation service, we offer a range of materials and finishes. We provide all the colors, styles, and textures you may desire. To employ the best, most experienced patio contractor in Palm Springs, give us a call to get started!

                Patio with stamped concrete and fireplace

                Our perfected landscape design system

                Palm Springs Landscape Design

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                Outdoor concrete patio with couches and trees

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